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Business Boot Camp

6 weeks to a better business!

Join our business boot camps for a six-week intensive on business management. Each week features presenters who are experts in their fields, a homework assignment, peer review and coach for your small group series.

You'll graduate at the end of the six weeks with a certificate of completion and be eligible to qualify for a 5% interest rate from Ogden City's Small Business Loan Program “SBLP”*

Click on class titles for dates and registration details.

Three levels

-Starting Up (<--- click to register for session beginning in January)

This is for the brand new entrepreneur who maybe doesn't even have a bank account set up yet. You've got an idea, part of a plan and you know that's not enough. This six-week session will walk you through the why, how, regulations, legal, financial as well as your personal to-do list to get this show on the road.

-Leveling Up (<--- click to register for session beginning in January)

You've got some time under your belt and you've seen some success but now you're stuck with either shelling out for more staff (can we afford that?) or turning down offers from potential clients. How do you stay fund-able, grow a team, and avoid the stagnation between periods? 

-Exit Strategies (We are not currently offering this program, please check back SPRING 2020)

This program is NOT for business owners ready to retire. Sure, you're welcome and the info will be relevant but instead we're hoping you'll attend this program at the beginning of your entrepreneurial career. How long are you in for? What's this going to take from you personally? What are you committed to withstand? How will you know it's working? When/how/and to who will this be passing off to or will it fade into the sunset when you walk away? All that and more.


***About the SBLP Program**

The Small Business Loan Program (SBLP) is designed to stimulate economic growth and support new businesses growing in low- to moderate-income areas in Ogden City and in industries targeted by Ogden City Business Development.

The SBLP provides affordable financing that is lacking in the current market, in the form of loans to Ogden City-based microenterprise businesses to start up or expand in Ogden City.

The SBLP will provide loans up to $90,000 to be used for eligible business expenses.

A full application and program guideline is available.

*On average, this is a 5-7% rate reduction.  Typical interest rates average between 10 -12%, for those who qualify.