A new approach to marketing

A New Plan Business Boot Camp

If it feels like nothing about your business plan fits with all the new guidelines, regulations and the general level of consumer confidence in your market share, it's time to build a new plan. This six week supported session will help you reconfigure your business model from where you're at right now.
Our next session starts May 21st! This special program will be available as an online format and will run Thursday afternoons 2 pm to 3:30 pm. Participants will need to attend each weekly session with the group and will have an optional coaching call every Monday for one-on-one follow up and accountability tracking. Please keep in mind that there will be homework between weeks as well. This is boot camp after all, come with the mindset to get to work!

Week 1: Things to Consider. Structural Impact.
Week 2: What Got You Here (Won't Get You There)
Week 3: Establishing a Budget Pyramid
Week 4: Content Marketing and Community Value
Week 5: Nimble Teams as a Crafted Culture
Week 6: The New Launch

Need help paying for this class? Please email accounting[at]kbent.co for information on payment plans and scholarship options available for up to 40% of class cost.