A new approach to marketing



Tis the season!

What does Q4 mean to you? For us, it means it's time to settle in for some serious planning, goal setting and MARKETING prep for the year ahead!

It's that time of year when close out reports, project recaps and presentations abound. We've been busy bees working with clients as they wrap up holiday offers (you've got that covered by now right? If not, let's start there), come up with 2020 goals, and all those other fun end of year shenanigans.

What we keep seeing is a huge lack of focus when it comes to marketing. A financial goal without a plan to get there isn't so much a goal as it is a nice idea. We'd all love to have a bigger bottom line come EOY 2020. But what exactly? Does that mean more people in your restaurant every single night? Does it mean reaching a missing demographic in your circle of influence? Does it mean more sales or new product launches?

In some cases it's about tightening up controls and internal systems so you can run more efficiently and cost effectively. In many cases though, your fiscal goals are one thing: a call for increased and better directed marketing.

What does that mean?

Do you know who your target audience is?
Do you have a brand strategy?
Are you assessing your position against competitors?
Are you creating and sharing compelling content?

If you're scratching your head at all this - that's where we come in.

Pairing very real goals with very real strategies and measuring successes each and every month.

But really

Let us help you get an annual marketing plan underway. We'll take your goals and help you build out both seasonal and ongoing campaigns, revitalize your story line, and define your audience all while managing your budget and reporting on actual results.

Getting started with us is easy. We offer a flat rate brand review and strategic recommendations. Make an appointment and let's get going!